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Testimonials/ After Safari Experience

Client Caroline Brulotte

Contact with safari Care (Kamal): excellent! I really appreciated that you replied to my e-mails quickly, many times a day, contact over the phone before and after safari. I already recommended it to my friends.
Guide (Molel): Excellent! He could spot animals far away while driving when I was having a hard time seeing them with binoculars. I already recommended him to my friends.

Car: There was a little problem with the change of gas tank and we had to secure the pop up roof with a rubber band because a screw was missing, but other than that, the car was in very good condition. The A/C made all the difference when it was raining and we had to drive windows shut or when we where heading to ngorongoro on dirt road following other vehicles.

Bilila lodge: Excellent! The hotel was beautiful, the rooms beyond what I expected. Nice view. Food was good. The staff was very good (and I don't say this often in Tanzania...) The only negative point was that they where under repairment for the pool area (so we couldn't use the pool) and some areas of the hotel, but this wont affect other customers.

Mbuzi Mawe: Good. The tents were nice, but a manager seemed to be absent for details that make all the difference between a good and excellent review...: in the tent, some of the windows shutter were broken, the zipper was about to die, there where some insects, wich means holes in the tent. When the problem of insects was mentionned, nothing was done and they didn't seem to care. Food was good and the chef came himself to see us because we had a special request, wich was done. The staff service was average. I had an argument with a porter after he lied to me. Once again, a good manager could make all the difference!

Serena Ngorongoro: I don't recommend. The view is spectacular and hotel close to entrance, but that's it! The rooms are small and very ugly (little could be done to improve a lot...) The food was edible, but that's it! The staff was ok. You can send your customers there as long as they know what to expect so they won't be disapointed.

Explorean: Excellent! The hotel was beautiful, room beyond what I expected. Nice view, beautiful garden and swimming pool. The staff was very good (once again I don't say it often in tanzania...) The manager was always around and made sure everything was perfect (and everything was!) The food was excellent (and for me good food is really important)

Clients: Sebastian Lanthier (Canadian)
We had a great experience with Safari Care. Good, simple, flexible and straightforward communications and logistics. We will continue to recommend you to our friends, and especially your guide Mr. Mollel is the best guide ever. 

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Clients: Susan Baron & Zoe (American)

"Our Safari Care journey in the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater was one of life's greatest adventures. Safari Care went to great lengths to personalize our trip with the goal of hosting us to a FIVE STAR experience.  They were extremely attentive to our interests and the staff made sure to tailor our itinerary and accommodations to meet our ever wish.

Our guide's vast knowledge of the wildlife, animal behavior, birds, topography Maasai culture and traditions was unparalleled. Captain (who is a Maasai warrior) enriched our experience beyond every expectation and dedicated himself to making sure that we had rarified game-watching experiences.  The other outfitters could not believe his uncanny ability to track rare game for his clients.   I could not endorse Safari Care more highly. Our safari with Safari Care was nothing short of a "life changer."  Thank you

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Clients: Joseph and Marilyn Spradley (American)

We have wonderful memories of our safari in Tanzania.  We especially appreciated your organizing a safari for us to see our selected sites, within the limited time we had available. 
Thank you for all your help.

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Clients: TR and Avery Newcomb (American)

"Kamal and the team at Safari Care put together an incredible Tanzania safari for us that covered every detail to ensure we did not have to worry about a thing on our trip other than enjoying the beautiful sights and animals.  He was happy to answer my multitude of questions and put me at ease booking a trip with a company so far away from home.  Our guide, Mollel, was top notch and made the actual safari an incredible experience.

 He was expert at spotting the smallest movement in grasses or trees that often led to incredible animal sightings. I would highly recommend Safari Care for your travel needs." 

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Clients: Jim and Catherine Bartsch (American)

"In September of 2012 we had the amazing opportunity to visit Tanzania on vacation.  We made all of our arrangements through Safari Care, which included 7 days climbing Mt Kilimanjaro via the Machame Route, 8 days on safari in Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti and then 3 days on the island of Zanzibar.  Safari Care did an incredible job in making sure our trip was perfect from the very beginning of the planning stages through our final return flight home. 

The attention to detail regarding our itinerary could not have been better.  Safari Care really listened to what was important to us in a vacation and they made sure that our needs were met all along the way.  We would highly recommend Kamal and Safari Care for your next trip to Tanzania."

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Client: Annette Verbeek (Dutch)

In the Serengeti we made the best safaris in Tanzania. In total there were 3 safaris and I took part in 2 of them.
Nothing but good words about Safari Care, trip was nice ,guide was excellent and lodges and tented camps were most of the time also very good. Although I really prefer tented camps above lodges.
Every trip we saw all possible animals including cheetah's and leopards so that you almost get the impression it's quite normal.

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